Connecting Airtable form to Paypal or Stripe


I’m looking to build MVP using Airtable. So, I would create Airtable form where customer would choose answers. After form is filled based on the answers, at the end of the form customer should see XY amount. Customer should be able to pay that amount via PayPal or Stripe. Is something like this possible to do with Airtable?

Thank you for help.

Welcome to the community, @Hrvoje_Pavisic! :smiley: Airtable is great for data storage and organization, but it doesn’t have the ability to accept orders and process payments. It would be a great system for storing customer information, or details about the products you’re selling, but you’ll need to find a dedicated ordering and payment processing system for those steps.

Also, to build upon what @Justin_Barrett was saying, you could START your order process in Paypal or Stripe, and then add the collected information into Airtable, perhaps by using Integromat or Zapier or Airtable’s REST API.

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