Connecting airtable to google app script

hello, i’am trying to create google web app and connect my base to it.

but the problem is i need dependency to link the base. anyone who try a similar process? or any easy way to integrate airtable to google app script? thanks in advanced.

Yes, I build integrations with Google Apps Script all the time. It works great.

Give me a general idea about your objectives using Apps Script and I’ll walk through some tips.

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I created a customized form (a .html in google script). I want those data to be written on my base.

sample form:


Okay, that helps some.

Perhaps a silly question - why create a custom form in HTML when you can do it in Google Forms with no coding effort?

One of the nice aspects of Google Forms is that they write data directly into a spreadsheet, and using Integro or Zapier you can push those entries directly into Airtable - all with no coding.

Make sense?

sample form:

yeah, i tried it. but perhaps the google form is limited in the way i wanted my form to be.

but i actually figure it out. thanks men. :slight_smile:

one thing, how do i get the records id for update?

Any record that you create in the API also returns (as a result) a payload indicating the record ID and the data added to that new record. It’s your responsibility to preserve that ID in external systems that use the API to create new records. One way to do that is to simply write the Airtable ID back into the Google Sheet [record] that represents the source of the record created with that data. With the Airtable record ID preserved in the sheet, any changes made to the spreadsheet can automatically invoke a new update into the Airtable table using the ID you captured on creation of the Airtable record.

This is also the case when you list records in a table - the “id” element is included so you can address it directly.

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Thanks @Bill.French, you’re great! have a nice day. :slight_smile:

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