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I have a subscription startup and we are using airtable as our backbone. In one table I have all the information of my customers with the usual information: name, address, email, phone number, etc.

A couple of weeks ago we did a digital marketing campaign using Instagram where we gave a present to the health professionals to celebrate them and thank thank them for their service in this pandemic. In another table I have the instagram user name, name, phone number and address.

Some of them turn to customers and now I do not have a simple way to check who are the new customers that decided to purchase a subscription.

Is there any way to cross check both tables and find those that received a gift and are now customers? Adding a label or anything to identify them?

Thanks in advance. Hope someone can help me.

Hi @Camilo_Serna_Zamora,

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The easiest way (for me at least) would be to do the following workaround:

  1. Duplicate the phone number field on both tables (given that this is the only field common between both tables I believe?)

  2. In one of the duplicate fields, change it to Link to another record, create a new table (lets call that Phone Number). Now change the other duplicate field to Link to this field. It will then link automatically to the phone number if it exists.

  3. Now that you have linked both tables (through a 3rd table) you can use a Lookup field to look for the Instgram handle (in the peoples table). You can then duplicate that Lookup field, change it to a Link to another record, and there you go!

  4. you can then delete the Phone Numbers table. (And the fields that will now give an error since this table doesnt exist).

Hope this helps you! If it does, please mark this answer as Solution so others can see it.


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Thank you so much! This looks like a really clever way to solve my problem. Cheers.

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