Connecting excel to trello (converting excel to airtable to connect to trello)

Hi all,

I’m working as a lean consultant. Helping teams to reach their business goals.

I currently experiment with a system that uses excel and trello but they are not connected.

I believe airtable could solve this. The solution would be a great product that could help 1000’s of teams all around the world.

So I have a vision. I have a mvp. I just need help to get it working in a lo code to like airtable.

Could anyone help me with further resources? Ideally I would speak with an air table expert and show what I have already and explore if air table would be able to connect my two parts.

Thanks so much for your time,


You can use Integromat to connect Airtable, Excel, and Trello to each other:

Thank you! I will look into that. Also I found someone to help me on upwork. So I’m good for now.
Thanks again!

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