Connecting fields

Hi, is there a way to connect several fields. I have several fields: dress name, dress style number, dress retail price, and dress wholesale price. Is there a way that when I enter the name of the dress in that field, the base can fill in the other fields with the accompanying information?

If whatever table you’re doing this in is linked to a table with all your information Dresses, the {Dress Name} field could be a Link to Another Record-type field, and {Dress Style}, {Dress Retail Price}, and {Dress Wholesale Price} could all be Lookup-type fields.

That means you only have to define that the style and prices for a dress are once, in the [Dresses] table, and every time a dress is mentioned inn another table it will automatically pull in the other information.

Thanks Kamille,
I’m new to airtable and very excited to use it. I understand the concept you describe, but is there a manual which would have directions to implement it?

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You could start here.

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