Connecting Long Text Fields in 2 tables


We’re brand new to Airtable, so hope I’m framing this question correctly.

Is there a way to have a Long Text field in multiple tables that you can change in one table and it will update automatically in all of the others?

I know you can do that by creating multiple views of a table, but we’re looking for a way, as an example to take a “notes” field in one table and add it to a new table in the same base that has totally different fields.

Thanks in advance for any help you can be.


Welcome to the community, Harry! :smiley: The only way you could do this would be to have one field be the master editable field, and the others pull the contents of that master field via record linking and field lookups. Long story short, a field can either be manually edited, or automatically calculated (via formulas, links, lookups, etc.), but not both.


Thanks, Justin.

Not the answer I wanted, but absolutely explained in a way that makes sense…:slight_smile: