Considering moving to AirTable


I run a forum and we are currently using Google Fusion Tables to host our in-game catalogue of 3,800+ products; we’re a hobby forum so we have to watch costs closely, so I have a few questions about that and general operations:

  1. I’ll be buying one of the plans to get started, however, it says per user. Now, we only really need myself to have full control but I’d like 5 other people to be able to add/edit records. Do I need to buy plans for each of the users or is there a way they can do that?

1a. I noticed there’s a form view, can I give these out to those 5 people without buying plans?

  1. Is there a way so you can ‘search’ and ‘filter’ on a mobile device, if a table is embedded?

  2. Is it possible to add a Date field that will default to Todays date?

  3. Is it possible to stop collaborators adding options in a dropdown list?

  4. Is it possible to have a dropdown list as the first column?

  5. If I embed it, it allows me to scroll to the right no matter the size of the columns into empty space, is this by design?

Thank you in advance!

Kind Regards,