Consolidate Backup Bases

We used to hit the 20GB Attachment space, base limit about every 4 months. Our work around was to create archive attachment bases by duplicating the base. Then we would delete the older attachments in our working base.

Now, we want to bring some of those attachments back. I am struggling to find the right solution to link or line up the records properly to bring the attachments back. I thought I could create a new table with an ID to link the tables and the attachment fields. The obvious choice for the ID was to use the RECORD_ID(), but I learned the duplicated bases created new RECORD_ID()s. I tried a few formulas to create the ID using create date and other fields, but they were not discrete when multiple records were imported at the same time or duplicated.

Anyways, I have looked around and I tried few things. I am I am looking for ideas. Thank you in advance.

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