Contact Overdue in CRM

Hi all,

I’m building a CRM and have a field for ‘Contact Frequency’ set as ‘Single select’ with 7, 14, 30, 90 as options.

I have a roll up field with ‘Most Recent Interaction’ which pulls from an ‘Interactions’ table.

I would like to create a field to automatically mark as ‘Overdue’ anyone who’s ‘Contact Frequency’ has been exceeded.

Some searching uncovered a formula which I have tried to adapt no doubt with a glaring error!

I suspect that my ‘Contact Frequency’ options are perhaps not in the correct format or need a separate field to convert them into the correct format before a formula can use them?

IF({Contact Frequency}=””,””,IF(DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),{Most Recent Interaction},’days’)>{Contact Frequency},“Overdue”))

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @MishQ,

The formula seemed to work for me. Using a single select field shouldn’t be a problem.

IF({Contact Frequency}="","",IF(DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),{Most Recent Interaction}, 'days')>{Contact Frequency},"Overdue"))

If you copy and paste that directly and it doesn’t work, you could try creating a copy of your base, removing the sensitive data and creating a share link.

Maybe someone else has an idea of the issue top of mind.

@Zack_S, it works!

Looks like I was missing a space before ‘days’ in mine?

Thank you, very much appreciated!

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The space shouldn’t be an issue.

The style of quotes in your formula looks off. I’m wondering if that is the issue. Just a guess though.

Glad it worked!

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