Contacts/ Company Database Management


[First time Airtable user]
I am working to create a master database of contacts linked to their segments in the industry. And in those new tables I want there to be more information on the companies.

Table 1: Master contact list
I want this table to hold all contact information of the person including if their company that they work for is in the Top company list on other lists that I have. These lists are detailed statistics and information on each company in my industry.

Other tables I thought I might have are: Clients, Topp Supplement Companies, Top Raw Material companies, etc.

I need help in organizing this data to where if I go to a person. And I know they are the CEO of X company, then I can see if that company is in the other lists I have (maybe in another table?) and from there I can see all of the information I have on this company and having all of this linked…

If this makes any sense at all please let me know and if you have any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!


You need to use Linked Record and Lookup fields: