Contacts tied to Service Performed

I have a business that deals with a single recurring service, typically occurring every 1-3 years. My intent in using Airtable is to manage all of my Contacts, Services Performed, and the ability to identify when a Contact is due for a recurring service.

I currently have a Contacts table, as well as a Services Performed table (I have Zapier add the performed service, pulling from my Google Calendar). I link the two tables via phone number. I would like to have all the dates that the service has been performed for a contact displayed in the Contacts table in a single cell, with the ability to roll it up to most recent service (or just add another cell to do so). Additionally, I would like all corresponding fields updated (or added if different).

Also, if possible, I would like a new contact added if there is no match in Services Performed (though this may only be possible through Zapier). Thank you in advance for any help, and please ask me for any clarification

Hey there! This is a great structure for a Database. Is there anything particular you’re stuck on?

The primary point that I cannot appear to get to link correctly is all dates a service has been performed for a particular contact in the Services Performed table to be displayed under the individual contact in the Contacts table. Once I get that, I can at least dabble with all other areas that I am attempting to set up.

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