Control content of the SELECTOR when referencing to other table


I have created a field which is linked to another table and it all works well.

Question is can I control HOW MANY show up in the small pop-up table from which I am picking th records? By now I have a title + 4 fields for every record. Can I simply have a title and maybe 2 field showing more content ?

See below link with example:




Hi @LUCA_MANGIONE - unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a way to do this. I tried setting the link to be from a specific view (one where some fields were hidden) in the hope that the link pop-up would just show the visible fields, but no luck, it still shows all fields from the linked table (well, not all, but certainly just the standard Airtable view).

Feels like this would be a good product enhancement.


Although it looks like you can edit the ordering of the fields displayed:

Which might help


Yes I believe this would help - Thumbs up for this!

Thanks for your support