Controlling Access to Certain Tables or Certain Parts of a Table in a Base


I want to create a database of around 1000 customers.
There are around 50 sales men responsible for managing different customers based on his geography/territory.
Each Sales person needs to maintain certain master data, customer status and images, etc. for each customer that he’s responsible for.
No sales person should be able to edit other person’s customers. (So access needs to be controlled based on geography/territory of the customer).

But centrally, I should be able to see consolidated… where each customer is standing.

How do I go about this?


This is not possible right now. Airtable doesn’t have an advanced permission system.

You can do something like that manually with separate bases. I created a custom solution for a client where we use separate bases to handle access rights combined with a web service that syncs between the satellite bases and the master base.

Drop me a line in case you’re interested. :slight_smile: