Controlling View Order (based on my prior question)

Based on my prior question about data entry field order for linked fields - referenced here:

Is there a way for me to control the order views are listed?

We have multiple people with permission to creative/modified views. If the top most view becomes the default view - controlling the order of fields in a linked record when added - it this is an important facet of your user’s experience.

I don’t want someone else with the ability to create a view to be able to change the view order - on purpose or on accident.

Any insight into this would be appreciated.

You control it with drag & drop, using the handle at the right of the view’s name. I don’t know which users type has that capability.

I understand how to move them manually. I am looking for a way to ensure no users can change the order of the top view.

Oh I thought that, but you can’t (I think even with the API, I’m not sure).

Great question. Are you implying the order, eg. alphabetized NOT be changed?

No. The top view is the source of the field/column order when expanding a record or creating a record from another table (linked record).

But there is no effective way to stop editors from changing the view order and superseding what I’ve setup.

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