Convert a date to the 20th day of the FOLLOWING month


I need to take (order date), and convert it to (invoice due date) that is equal to the 20th of the following month. I’ve tried a bunch of things, but to no avail. Any help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Assuming you ALWAYS want the 20th of the following month, regardless of the {Order Date}:

IF({Order Date},
         MONTH({Order Date}),
         12, 1,
         MONTH({Order Date}) + 1
      & "/"
      & "20"
      & "/"
      & SWITCH(
            MONTH({Order Date}),
            12, YEAR({Order Date}) + 1,
            YEAR({Order Date})

and then adjust your formatting settings to your liking:
(I’d suggest keeping “Use the same time zone…” checked to avoid values being off by one day)


Jeremy - you are a star!
This works like a charm - let me buy you a beer, when you come and visit!