Convert GG Docs Multiple Choices to Airtable Choices

Hi everyone,
I have this problems when i use GG docs to manage my data i create multiple choice option for drop down list in code like this

So now when i import my GG Docs to Airtable all my optional choice are become 1 option

How can i convert them into 1 single option in Airtable ? Like this one because i have tons of data , it will be consume hunreds of hours to do it manually.

Thank you for reading my topic !

I finally got some answer from


Apr '19

can you format your list into a ‘new line’ separated list, i.e. like a column in excel?

My quick and dirty way to add values to a multi-select field is paste a column list of values from excel or google sheets into the corresponding field in Airtable. It will add the values you are pasting in to the multi-select list Field even if you delete the pasted in records afterwards.

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