Convert URL to Attachment (Webflow Form + Zapier + Airtable)


I’m passing file uploads (jpg and pdf) from a Webflow form and would like to deposit the attachments into Airtable through Zapier. These attachments should then be zapped over back to Webflow to create a new CMS item.

I’m having trouble bringing the files over from the initial webflow form upload over to the airtable database. They only want to show up as URLs but not actual attachment. Is there a reason for this?

I’ve seen an app for this come up time and time again in my search (miniextensions), but I don’t want to pay $39/mo for it just yet.

I have also tried creating an automation, but it doesn’t seem to work. The image starts getting uploaded but it disappears after a second—

Is there an app I can integrate as a step in my Zapier process?


This appears to be exactly this issue.

Wonder what the deal with it is…

I guess it’s because it’s passing a URL instead of the attachment? But how can we pass the file itself from webflow form file upload —> airtable?

I think you are conflating a few concepts.

There is plenty of evidence to show that passing a URL to Airtable to perform an attachment upload works and is extremely reliable when performed manually. There is a small amount of evidence that shows this is unreliable when — and only when — said URL is introduced through the Airtable REST API. No other APIs exhibit this issue and no other manual processes – regardless whether the files are introduced from the local file system or via a URL – appear to have any issues whatsoever.

You can’t - you need to proxy this process through an API because Webflow is not a file system. And I believe WebFlow has such a capability. Will it reliably perform these steps, I cannot say.

Thanks Bill. It’s very possible. I am learning a ton in this process so I’m sure a lot is flying right over my head.

All I know is that when I upload a file through a form created through webflow, and try to zap it over to airtable, I can only pass attachment URLs, not the files themselves.

There is a setting within Webflow that’s required to be off and that’s to not require a log in for uploading attachments. The setting is off but I still cannot get it to work.

Hopefully our issues will see a resolution soon. Thanks again!

Ok, I have figured out what I was looking to solve. This is for those who are looking to update/create a Live CMS Item in webflow with a file upload from a custom webflow form while storing all your entries in an airtable.

The problem I was running into was that file uploads from a custom webflow form would not upload to my airtable attachments column.

Here’s how I solved for this. I changed the order of my zaps. Before, a form submission on webflow was my trigger, which went into airtable, then created a live item.

Now, I go from the webflow form submission trigger, straight to creating a live item, then uploading everything to airtable. Somehow setting the file upload to come from the live item instead of the form submission step solved for this issue.

I hope this helps someone with the same issue.


Nice work @VitaliyG! This is very helpful :sunglasses:

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