Converting a multiselect into a "Link to another table" changes the functionality too much


On a multiselect, each option can have a color. The autocomplete (when typing on a desktop) or color options to tap (when on mobile) is also very visually pleasing.

If you convert it to a record to another table, both desktop and mobile change quite a bit. You have to manually type out a few letters to get options. They’re not color coded. It’s just way different.

I have a very important multiselect that I’m downright afraid to convert. It’s too important to lose those (seemingly small) features. So I have another table which I manually update when I add a new option to the multiselect. This is less than ideal. It means I can’t get a count of how many of each option exist across the table.

Would be cool if you could bridge the gap here.


Over time we’d like to make the linked record field more powerful and a more consistent user experience with selects and multiselects, and we appreciate the feedback about what you think the biggest gaps are.

We’re currently exploring ways to support color-coding for records. One approach we’re considering would allow you to assign color to linked records similarly to how you assign color to selects and multiselects.