Converting hours:minutes:seconds to total minutes

Is there any way to convert hh:mm:ss to total number of minutes like you can in Excel (Excel: Convert hours and minutes to minutes | CyberText Newsletter)?

Hi Bobby!

I think it’d help to first know what your data starting point is. Are you starting from a duration field? Or are you calculating the difference between two date/times and then needing to convert that duration of time into pure minutes?

For example in the screenshot below I am doing the latter in one formula, first calculating the difference in date/time across two fields, then having it display in minutes.

Whether you’re calculating it off two fields or converting one, the answers ought to be in this set of articles:

Hope this helps! Good luck!

Is your hh:mm:ss in a duration field or a text field?

If it is a duration field, divide the duration field by 60. Under the hood, duration fields are stored as a number of seconds.

If the original value is a text field, you will need to parse out the parts, convert them to numbers, and then do the math.


Thank you! The suggestion from @kuovonne worked!

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