Converting Percentage

I have a Rollup field that takes a series of decimal percentages from another table (e.g .68%, .72%, and .55%) and then calculates the average (.65%). I have the formatting of this field as Percentage and precision of 1.00. Unfortunately, when Airtable passes that result to the 3rd party app I am using (Stacker), it includes more than 2 decimals. I want to stop the number of decimals at 2. I think I probably need to convert this percentage to a string and then concatenate it with %. Anybody know of an easy formula to do this? Or a different solution?

Nevermind. I figured out a solution.

what’s your solutions? :slight_smile:

Well, it’s not pretty or complex and it’s a hassle but it works. I had to create and use this formula: {FieldName} * 100 where FieldName is the rollup field and FieldName2 is the new field with the formula. I then created a 3rd field called FieldName3 and used: ROUND({FieldName2,2) / 100. This is what worked for me and now when I used FieldName3 in Stacker it only shows the 2 decimals. So basically, 3 fields instead of 1 field. :roll_eyes: But I figured out a solution and got it to work which is quite satisfying being new to Airtable.

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