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I am surprised that this product has such a following. I am trying to just update table 1 with a calculated value from table 2. And to do that I am creating table 3, 4 and five to try to merge all the numbers. Seriously, a database doesn’t work this way. Table 1 cell 25 has a value that should be able to be transposed to any other cell in any other table as long as one is putting the correct value in.

The only reason I am trying is I am too stubborn to give up and the microsoft products are too hard to use on the phone.

Now, I am trying to create table where I calculate the amount of money I get paid per day, the additional monies I get if I do overtime hours, and then combine this in a sheet to document if I have received the appropriate pay. To do this I have a table with the number of days I worked which then calculates my base pay.

I had to add a second table to add my overtime hours per day.

THEN, I had to create a separate table to add up my overtime hours using a rollup.

I would like my base pay to go into a cell in my home page under the base pay value. And my supplemental pay to go into a cell in my home page with the supplemental pay value. To this effect I created a table called monies. It has to have four columns - one to take only from the base pay table and that value. Another to take from the overtime table to and take the value into that table. Thinking that I could take the numbers from that table, even though from separate columns into the home table. Nope, doesn’t work One value will work but not the other value. So I had to create an additional column…

There has to be a better way; any ideas.

To Airtable - this is too complicated - i should be able to create a value for a cell and then place that value any where in the spread sheet. Back to the drawing board…

It sounds like you are very familiar with spreadsheets. However, although Airtable may look like a spreadsheet, it is not a spreadsheet–it is a relational database. This might be where the frustration comes from.

In a relational database you can only use the value in a cell in very specific ways:

  • in a formula field in the same record
  • in a lookup/rollup based on record links across tables
  • in a summary function for a column/field
  • in a script in the scripting block (requires JavaScript code)

It is difficult to picture what tables, fields, and calculations you have from your post. If you provide screen shots of what you are trying to, someone in the community might be able to help you with your base design.

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