Copy Columns to Other Bases


I would like a way to easily copy and paste columns, along with entries, field type, etc. from one base to another.


I use my browser’s Copy/Paste function.


I suppose that mostly works. Although, it doesn’t copy the header or update the header field type. You can highlight cells like in Excel but I wish you could include the headers.

There is no way to duplicate a tab to another base that I see. You have to export it to CSV and then import it to the new base.


Ah. I see your requirement.


Kyle, if you copy and paste and expand the table to accommodate more fields, the pasted fields will have the same titles and field types as what you copied—read this help article for more details.


Hi Katherine,

When copying and pasting, the fields (cells) will update appropriately but the headers with the customized “Field Type” cannot be copied as far as I can tell.


If you are pasting into existing fields, then the headers will not update according to what you are pasting into it. This is because you may not necessarily want to copy the field type or the headers when you copy and paste something from one field to another—you may just want to copy the raw data.

If you are pasting a greater number of fields/records than are in your table, however, the new fields/rows that are added will have the same titles and field types as the ones you originally copied.

If you are looking to copy and paste the exact same set of fields/records from one table into another table that already has a bunch of stuff in it, I would suggest:

  1. On the right-hand side of the new table, creating a new, blank field of the same type as the leftmost field of the selection you copied
  2. Click into the new, blank field you just created.
  3. Paste (ctrl + V/cmd + V)
  4. Make sure to select the option to Expand the table so that all of the pasted cells will fit.

If you do this, you’ll only have to change one field type/field name (the first new, blank one you created), and all of the other fields that you paste in will be of the same field type and field name as the data you copied.


Interesting workaround. I’ll give this a shot. Appreciate the detail!


When I do this, the column name is “Pasted Field 1”, “Pasted Field 2”, etc. I can’t find any way to paste the column titles and settings. Any suggestions?


I’m running into the same “Pasted Field 1”, “Pasted Field 2”, etc. issue. Any solution? I have hundreds of fields for which I would have to change names and field types…