Copy Interface Groups

Please add the ability to duplicate an entire interface group (along with all the interfaces contained within it) to create another interface group.

For example, I have an HR base where I’m tracking payroll, benefits, and vacation data. I would like to have separate interface groups for each employee that only they can see (for example, the interface group for one employee could be named, “Payroll & Benefits for John Doe"). Then each group would contain standard individual interfaces such as, “Payroll Information,” “Vacation Info & Balance,” “Health & Insurance Benefits Information,” etc, that the employee could select from. When we hire a new employee, we would simply go to the “template” interface group, duplicate it, then rename it with the new employee’s name. Then all I have to do is change the filter value for each newly duplicated interface to point to the new employee, then I could share a read-only the interface group link to that new employee.

As it is right now, we have to manually re-create every interface in every interface group for every employee.

I have to believe there are many other use cases like this.


Jonathan, you are correct. We need this feature as well for management.