Copy / Paste records in ios


On a computer I can select multiple records, press CMD-C go into a different table and press CMD-V to paste the selected records into that new table.

Is there any way to copy and paste records from within the IOS app?

Otherwise, are there any plans to allow ios users to be able to log into the Airtable website from a browser to view the Desktop version of airtable? Or give us a spreadsheet view from the ios app?

I really enjoy the app, no question, but I have an ipad pro with a keyboard and its so painful sometimes to not have access to the spreadsheet and that extended functionality it comes with. Especially considering that my ipad technically speaking is the most power and modern computer out of all of my computers.


Agree! Would particularly request record copy feature for iPad. Great app - loving it.


+1 on this request.

I just started using Airtable and surprised that this feature request have been open for 2 years!


+1 on this request

Having a copy paste feature for the handheld app would save us a lot of time too!


+1. C’mon devs this is a must have function!


+1. Using Airtable for an academic association membership list and updating stuff on an iPad at the moment, and it’s extremely frustrating to not be able to copy/cut a record to move it from the “expired” sheet to the “current” sheet.

Please and thanks.


If there are no plans (obviously after 2 years), at least there should be the possibility to use Airtable desktop version using safari or whatever browser.

Thx guys at Airtable for considering feature requests or our input, in case someone is reading it from Airtable.