Copy & Paste to Excel adds unwanted CR character


Excel uses LF as newline character within the cell. When copying multiple cells from Airtable to Excel, it seems the multi-line cells display correctly, but the new lines are actually saved as CRLF instead of LF in Excel.

This would cause problem when the Excel file is uploaded to websites using MySQL, it converts the redundant CR character into a string x000D whenever a new line is encountered.

The only way seems to substitute() out the CR (0x0D) character in Excel, as Search & Replace will not find this character either in Excel.

Another way is to download Airtable view as a CSV then open with Excel, then select all cells and paste into a new spreadsheet, that way Excel seems to recognize the need to replace CRLF with just LF.

Would it be possible to somehow eliminate this problem when copying and pasting from Airtable to Excel in Windows without the workaround?