Copy value from one field to another if field is empty

I want to write a script that copies the value from one field to another field in the same record. Trigger and condition are already set up. But I don’t get the script done.

Automation trigger: When record enters view. (Done)
Automation condition: When field ‘Album_curated’ is empty (Done)
Action: Run script that does: Copy value from field ‘Created’ to field ‘Album_curated’

Is there a reason that you want to write a script for this?

The “Update Record” action will do this natively for you.

This is what I thought/tried first but I did not get it. Either I totally misunderstood the documentation on how to use the update record automation, or there is a hidden secret to getting this done.

Probably I just don’t get it!?

Yeah, Airtable’s documentation is often confusing & incomplete. Below is the page that discusses updating records.

Unfortunately, the only way on this entire page to figure out what you need to do is by carefully watching the 2 animated GIFs underneath the “Add an Action” section.

(Airtable used to have somebody in charge of updating documentation based on our feedback, but I haven’t seen any documentation updates in at least 3 months now.)

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I was so close. But who can imagine clicking the same button for the source and the destination field? Definitely a little usability flaw.


Not sure what you’re referring to, but glad you got it working! :slight_smile:

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