Copying and pasting columns to link to *multiple* rows in another table not working


I have two tables in my airtable - one has a list of providers, and the other table has contacts for that provider. There are often multiple rows for contacts (because one provider has multiple contacts. I have copied and pasted the data from Excel.

In my provider table I created a linked column to link to the contact table. I expect to see two entries in that column most of the time. I’m copying the provider name (first column) into that column, and the provider name is also the first column of the contact table.

However I only see one instance - it’s just picking the first row from the contact table. I can go into each cell and search for and select the second instance, that works fine!

I’ve also tried copying and pasting the provider name twice, comma separated, but that didn’t work. It still just picks the first instance.

Any ideas how I can do this not manually?

Your primary field needs to be a unique value. In your contacts table, your primary field should be a contact name, not a provider name. In your provider table, your linked record field needs to be contact names, not provider names.

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