Copying and pasting into linked fields

I have created a student database and while the linking between tables worked as recently as last week, the copy/paste function appears not to work anymore. Specifically, on the ‘Contacts’ table (see screenshot), any time a new record (student) is added, I would like to copy and paste that name into Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 8.30.16 PM other columns which link to other tables such that the names show up in those other tables. For example, as seen in the screenshot, I would like to copy and paste the name ‘Kamala Harris’ to ‘Snapshot_link’ such that it shows up on the Snapshot table. However, I’m unable to do so-- I get a ‘Pasting…’ message and nothing happens. Currently the Name field is a formula, but it won’t work even if I make it a single line text.

Hello @Rachel_Dewey!

The behavior you are describing sounds like it could be a bug. You should be able to copy and paste text(even text created by a formula) into a linked record field directly. Even if the record you are linking to does not yet exist-- the pasted text should create a new record in the associated table and paste as expected.

Are you still encountering this problem? If so I’d recommend emailing directly and they should be able to help further.

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