Copying forms to new base- HELP! Dissertation research issue

Hi there! New AirTable user here and I am using this platform for my dissertation research. I created a beautiful form on the wrong base and I want to copy it to a new/correct one. The original form took me quite a while to get perfect, so I don’t want to re-do it. So, my question is, how can I copy a form from one base to another base? Additionally, how can I determine which grid is populated by the responses from the form?
Thank you!

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Responses to a form populate the table/grid to which the form belongs. Which of the grid views show the form results depends on the filters set up for the view. If a single table has multiple views, the record created by a form might appear in multiple views. The record created by a view will not show in a different table.

There is no way to copy a form from one table to another. You can, however, copy the fields from one table into a different base by importing the table as a synced table, then unsyncing it. You may need to adjust some field types. You can then recreate the form.

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