Copying multiple tasks at once

I have a series of 7 onboarding tasks for new members of my virtual assistant mentorship program for them to complete.
I have created the tasks as a template and then duplicate them for each new VA. The problem is that I have to duplicate each task individually. I can’t seem to find a way to copy 7 tasks at a time and duplicate all of them.

Selecting and right-clicking doesn’t give this option nor does using CTRL C and CTRL V.

Any thoughts?

Hey Garland,

Since there’s only 7, you could accomplish this with automations.

Here’s the idea of what you’ll set up in automations:

Yours would be “every time you add a new member” instead of Projects

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I haven’t used automations in Airtable before, but this looks like you need to have a new project to trigger this. Whereas, I am onboarding people into an existing project.

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Welcome back to the Airtable community!

If this happens a lot, I tend to write a script for duplicating the tasks.

If this is more of an occasional situation, I would quickly create seven blank records (shift+enter), then copy paste the template data into the new records in bulk.

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Thank you! This was the missing piece. I had tried multiple times to copy the tasks and paste them but it never worked.

But creating 7 blank tasks and then copying the tasks and pasting them worked. I appreciate your help.

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