Correct syntax for if-then-else formulas

I am new to Airtable and struggling to get proper syntax in a column

So I want to create a column called Key Date, and make a formula that instructs it

if the Column “Category” = “People” then display the year from the column “Year” and add 30 years. if Category ≠ People, leave blank.

I am used to the If,Then, Else logic of Excel but couldn’t get it to work in AirTable,

I tried: if(Category=People),(Year+30),("")

can anyone tell me why airtable is rejecting my syntax? Thanks a bunch!!!


Well, sometimes just framing the question for others to read helps you find the answer! I realized I was misusing parens, brackets and quotation marks.

IF(Category=“People”, Year+30)

worked like a charm! Yay, AirTable

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