Correlating data from 2 tables in one base

I am a researcher, I’ve set up my base so one table has data about my interviewees and the other table has the feedback I’ve gathered from the interviewees. I need to correlate between the feedback and categories in the interviewee table.

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This seems like a Linked Field situation. Simple answer would be, use the Linked Field option to link whatever you have in the 2nd table to the 1st table. If you need to pull more info from the 1st table, you can add a Lookup Field.

Id be happy to help you more if you share a screenshot of your tables and what you are trying to achieve.


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Thank you Mo!! I want to say the look up option will help me do what I’m trying to do. I will look up the data I need to use for the correlation from the other table then filter as needed.

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