"Could not parse request body" error using python airtable wrapper

I am using python to run sum calculations and data summaries at various sub-groupings. This is being done using python pandas and the data format is a dataframe. I have to convert this dataframe to a list according to the airtable python wrapper documentation, which I have used before, just not the dataframe part.

After converting to a list, I am getting this error

requests.exceptions.HTTPError: (‘422 Client Error: Unprocessable Entity for url: https://api.airtable.com/v0/appQzuUudoe2rSAR0/Test-2’, “422 Client Error: Unprocessable Entity for url: https://api.airtable.com/v0/appQzuUudoe2rSAR0/Test-2 [Error: {‘type’: ‘INVALID_REQUEST_BODY’, ‘message’: ‘Could not parse request body’}]”)

is anyone familiar with this any why it is happening?

UPDATE: Python Pandas had some NaN values, this needed to be converted to 0. Airtable then accepted the list.

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