Count based on Date Range


Is there a way to limit the count feature to a date range? For instance, I have a column of launch dates and I want to count the number of launch dates between 1/1 and 2/1. Also, each of my dates is a different row so am I going to need to find a way to get them all into one cell first? Any ideas?


Was there ever a resolution to this? I’d like to count assignments completed by collaborators over each semester period.


@Anthony_Blake and @Sarah_Crum: Yes, there is a way to aggregate by-record counts for a date range and carry them to another table; however, it’s not all that intuitive, and it may require one to set an additional field or two during data entry. There’s an explanation of the process and a link to a demo base available here. Let me assure you in advance, it’s less daunting than it first appears, and you should be able to drop these routines into your base with minimal effort. (At least for some definition of ‘minimal.’ :wink: )


Thanks for the help, I’ll try this now!