Count multiple values in field separated by semi colon

i need help counting a field with multiple values separated by a semi -colon. This column catches data from jotform, which is a multi-select field.

Are you trying to count the number of items in the text field? And items are separated by a semi-colon?

Try this formula:

    LEN({fieldName}) - LEN(SUBSTITUTE({fieldName}, ";", "")) + 1

This formula uses the trick of replacing the semi-colons with nothing and then comparing the length of the text string with the original length to determine the number of semi-colons. Since semi-colons are only in between values, you have to add one to the number of semi-colons to find the number of items.


The incredibly clever lengths we go to lacking a Split() function. Iā€™m seriously impressed and dismayed at the same instant.

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