Count number of rows with criteria

Hello all,

I have one table with clients (1 row per client) and another table with Goals.

I would like to display the number of new clients (new rows) by month in the table Goals.

How should I do that ?

Thank you !

How is your [Goals] table set up? Do you have one goal record per month? One per year? I’ve got some ideas on how to do what you want, but knowing how goals and clients are linked (figuratively and literally) is important.

Hi Justin, thanks for the help.

I have one goal record per month.
In Goals, first column is month, second colum is the goal, and I would like the number of new clients in the third.
The other table is Contacts where I have dates, clients and non clients. I would like to count the number of new clients per month. Hope that helps !

It does. I’ll dive into this as soon as I can, but probably no sooner than Thursday morning my time (depending on my schedule).

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