Count number of total records in the table and display it in a field

I am using the free version of airtable, just so you know before moving forward.

I know you can simply look at your settings and whatnot and see the number of records is in your base.

However, I want to display that number on a website that will change as the record count does.

For example, I am running a database that can be viewed by the public. I want a message on my website that states something like, “number here objects in the database and counting!”

I don’t know how to do script or anything so I figure I could use a COUNT formula or something and display that in a field, then embed that airtable onto the webpage.

I know there is a count field function, but I am not wanting to count the number of linked records (you have to have linked records for the count category to work).

To my knowledge there is no way outside of scripting to assess how many records there are in a base.

This might be an interesting article: Script to count records in tables and total in base

Yea, I don’t even understand how to use that. Thanks though.

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