Count number of unique groups

When working on a layout with groups, it would be awesome if Airtable gave us the ability to automatically display the total number of unique groups on that layout. Even better, automatically number the groups going down the left-hand margin, so we could say “I’m currently looking at group #17 of 28 total groups”.

This work?

grouped value is linked to table “grouped values” which has an auto index beside the unique values.
field 5 is linked to one record in table 2
table 2, field 5 uses arrayunique to isolate all the unique items in table 1
table 2, field 6 uses counta to sum the number of unique variables in field 5
table 1, field 6 uses lookup on field 5 to reference the above
table 1, field 7 looks up the index through grouped values
field 8 concatenated
use field 8 to group
because it a lookup value, you will not be able to add to the table while this group is working
if you leave the field 5 grouping while adding values then you will automatically add to the cell in table 2 when you add new records and your grouping will continue to work

hope this helps

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@Michael_Berman, thanks for this workaround! :smiley: