Count the number of Records in a Table using Script

Hi All,

I am using script to assign a unique ID to a household. Part of doing this includes counting the number of records that currently exist in the table that the unique ID will be assigned to. I am struggling to obtain this count.

I created a column in the table using the Autonumber function that automatically assigns a number to a new record - in an ascending manner. I then us the input.config() method to try obtain this value of the most recently created record. But I get an undefined return from this.

Any ideas on another way to do this?

Thanks in advance.


Why not use the autonumber value as the unique id? It is guaranteed to be unique.

Also, the value of the most recent autonumber is not a good way to determine the number of records in a table. If you delete any records, the autonumber will be greater than the number of records.

Did you setup the input variable in the left panel of the editor?