Count Values on Different Rows

Hi, I’m fighting to find a solution to my problem, I’ve a table with a list of Volunteers (called “DATABASE”) and a “SERVICES” table where I put unique services and sign every Volunteer who partecipate to Service. Now I want to create another table that can automatically make a report of presences over a year, so I want to count how many time a Volunteer make a Service, in this simply case it would print:
123ABC - 1
456DEF - 2
789GHI - 2

Here an example:

How can I do it? I hope I was clear. Thanks!

You could add a Count field to your your Database table

Sorry, but I don’t understand, I want to count everytime a Volunteer frome the tab Database compare in the tab Service and set up a sort of attandance tracker

Unless I’m misunderstanding you, this would be done using a Count field inside your Database “tab”.

If you want the Count field to only count linked records from your Services table where the {Data} field is “this year” then you could add a condition to the field’s settings:

Oh yeah! Now I’ve understood, sorry for repeating the answer and thanks for your time. It’s my firts steps on AirTable and databases in general. Thank you again!

@Luca_Civa If this is your first time with Airtable and databases in general, you might enjoy my free Airtable training course:

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