Count & Visualize Poll entries with variable questions

I can’t figure this out:
It’s about a voting system to vote for songs a specific artist should play on a specific event/date.
I need to gather and visualize a chart with these votes for each event/date.

I can get record entries in a table “Votes”.
A “Vote” has 10 columns for 10 questions that can be 0 or 1.
It also contains a name, date and can be linked to an “Event”

The other table is called “Events”.
An “Event” is bound to a Date and typically only has one artist.
I need to sum up all votes per event.

In a 3rd table i have the “Artists”.
Each artist has 10 values for the questions, which contain specific song_names for that artist.
So voting for Event A with artist B will have different voting values (read = song titles) than voting for Event B with artist C.

So i just get 1 or 0 values in a “Vote”-record.
Most important is that i can get this:

  • an overview of votes for a specific event, which results i can limit within a date range
  • it should be in a chart with on x-axis the 10 names of the songs that are linked to the event/artist
  • on the y-axis the amount of votes (within a date-range ideally)

I know all the data is in the tables, but i have no idea how to combine this to get one good (bar)chart.

Visual Data Graph/Map:

PS. the structure of Events and Artists can change if needed.
But the table for Votes will have 10 columns with the true/false (or 1/0) values - that’s the input i get from Webflow/Zapier)


Also possible is to work without Events, and only have Votes linked to Artists.
Combining votes with date-range can solve this to tie them to a specific Event, if needed.

Simpler question perhaps, related to same as above.
How can i set out a xy chart, with values of 1 record/row.

I now have 10 answers/vote, and i have 10 dynamically looked-up titles for these questions.
So i want to create a chart of values, and the names on the x-axis (question 1, question 2, etc.) should be replaced/renamed to the values of the 10 titles - all in the same record.

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