COUNTALL(Multiple Options) always returns 1


Expected behaviour: return the number of selected items.


That happens because we currently only support numbers, text and dates in the formulas. The multiple options get converted to a text string, so the count becomes 1. At some point we’ll support all types and there’ll definitely be a way to count the number of selected options.


IF( LEN({FieldName}) = 0, 0, LEN(CONCATENATE(",", {FieldName})) - LEN(SUBSTITUTE({FieldName}, “,”, “”)))

As a workaround, this formula works for me, but none of the multiple options can have a “,” in.

It returns 0 if there’s nothing there, otherwise it compares the length of the multiple options string with the length of the same string without the commas.

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This works surprisingly well. Feels like crazy over engineering for what should just work with the COUNTA or COUNTALL functions.