Countdown formula help

Im a little confused why this isn’t working correctly…

I have {Job Date} field and a formula field with this… IF({Job Date}="","-",DATETIME_DIFF({Job Date}, TODAY(),‘minutes’))

This formula field does initially show how many minutes before my {Job Date} but it doesn’t actually count down. I assumed with this formula it would actually count down every minute with the new correct number of minutes before the {Job Date}. Am I missing something? Any ideas how to make this work?

Thanks in advance!

Formulas don’t continually re-update themselves after they are initially evaluated, unless you’ve updated some piece of information that the formula is dependent upon.

What you’ll probably want to do is install the Countdown Block.

Oh dang… That defeats a ton of use cases I had in mind. Bummer. I’ll look into the countdown block, although im using Zapier for this project I’m assuming it won’t work for what I need. Is there any work arounds you can think of to have the formula even refresh every day? Hourly would be ideal, but just trying to figure out my options.

Maybe chat with the guys at MiniExtensions — they create automated extensions for Airtable.