Counting Checkbox fields with a Rollup


I am working on a project/task management setup - I was aiming to have a field that tracks how many tasks are still open on a project.

I have a project table and a task table and the tasks are connected to the projects. The tasks have the ability to be marked as complete with a checkbox. I was trying to figure out how to use a rollup field to count the amount of uncompleted tasks.


Without knowing more about your table configuration and how the projects are linked to the tasks I may have a maybe too quick solution (well, at least a lead to follow)…

On your tasks table you could create a formula field with this formula
(I’ve called the checkbox field “Done” and the formula field “Pending”)


So when a task is marked as “done” it give the result “0” instead of “1”.
Then on your projects table, create the rollup field (not sur where you want to have it though) rolling up the “Pending” formula field in the task table with COUNT(values) as the aggregation function…



@Ptt_Pch is on the right track (and is correct about our needing to know a little more about your design to be able to answer with certainty).

Keeping in mind that one can only rollup values in a single field across multiple records, you could determine how many boxes are unchecked for a given field in this way:

  1. Assuming linked-record field {Link to Box} linked to record in table [Box]
  2. Assuming checkbox field in [Box] called {Box}
  3. Use a rollup field
    1. based on the {Link to Box} link
    2. rolling up {Box} field
    3. using the following aggregation formula:

Since checked checkboxes are evaluated as 1s, that formula first counts how many linked checkboxes there are and then subtracts the number of checked ones, leaving you with how many remain unchecked.


@W_Vann_Hall That worked PERFECTLY!! Thank you!