Counting Entries by Date

Hey Airtable Community. Does anyone know how to count how many entries are made on a particular date ie if I had 5 forms completed today and 4 yesterday I’d love a column to autocount. It would be amazing to count the week too. Each form is a lead and I want to set targets and automate my results. Help appreciated. Thank you!

There are a variety of ways to see how many records have the same date.

The simplest way is to create a new formula field that displays only the date, and then group the records on that field. The summary bar for each group will tell you the number of records with that date.

Here is a formula that will display the date that the record was created in a format that will sort cleanly:


To create a formula field for the week, so that you can group by week, use this formula to turn the date into a week number:


If you have a pro subscription, you can then use the Chart block with these formula fields to see graphs of the number of records per day or week.

If you would like additional calculations on the groups, you will need to create linked records for each date or week, depending on how you want to group the data. This is a more involved process, and depends on how you want to group your data and what calculations you want to perform.

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Amazing. Thank you so much. It shows at week 18, week 19. I’m thinking I should make a table that has the weeks and the date range so it pulls the info of that into a column and then I can make the graph! Not sure that would work but if you have any ideas I’d love to hear. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.

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