Counting Non-Numeric Fields Across Multiple Columns & Rows


Each week Spotify playlists get updated with new songs and we add them to this ever-growing song catalog:

Multiple songwriters can contribute to each song, and we add each songwriter separately (one per column)

Over time we expect the same songwriter to contribute to other songs that eventually get added to this catalog

The goal is to create a table that displays unique songwriters in column 1, the songs each songwriter has contributed to (ideally as linked records), and the total number of songs each songwriter contributed to. I don’t know how to create this table based on the input table linked above.

The pool of songwriters is already huge and growing, so it’s not feasible to have a pre-existing list of names to choose from when populating the input table.

Any suggestions on how to approach this are greatly appreciated!


The simplest approach would be to have a Songwriters table and link to this from Playlisted Songs, allowing multiple selections. The this will show all the songwriters for a track in one column and, in the Songwriters table you will see all the track they have been involved in.

When entering data, you can then simply select the Songwriter(s) for the track - and if it’s a Songwriter you’ve not got in the table, add a record for them at this point.


Thank you for taking the time to read and reply. It makes sense to link to a songwriters table, and I guess we’ll just need to add some initial songwriters to the “Songwriters” table to start with.