Counting the number of times a client booked a call from calendly

Is there a way for us to set up a column that can count the number times of the Last Date Modified was updated. My Airtable is connected to Calendly through Zapier and everytime they book a call, the record is just updated. I would like to see how many times that record is updated (to know how many times they have booked a call). Any ways to achieve this?

Maybe in the same zap add an action to add 1 to the correct cell

There are a couple ways to do this.

Create two columns, a number column for the count of times booked and a formula column that adds +1.
Create an automation that runs when the record is updated that substitutes the formula column into the number column.


Create another table to hold your appointment data and then use linked records to add new clients or link to existing clients. Then you can use a Count field to add up the number of bookings.

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