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I am trying to build a formula but I haven’t quite found the solution in the community.
I have a table with different customers information, with fields such as “name”, “surname”, “email”, “phone”, “company”…
I would like to create a separate table in which I can count how many customers I have from the same company.
So let’s say I have:
Table 1:
customer 1 — Company A
customer 2 — Company A
customer 3 — Company B
customer 4 — Company C
customer 5 — Company C
customer 6 — Company C

In table 2, I would need to show:
Company A — 2
Company B — 1
Company C — 3

I have the company field built as “single select”, since I work with a limited and specific list of companies. Not sure this makes any difference in terms of formulas.

Thanks a lot in advance!

You would need to change your single select field to a linked record field, so you end up with a table of companies. Then, in your table of companies, you can create a field of type “Count” to count how many people are linked to each company.

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Works like marvels, thanks!

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Also, since you’re new to Airtable, I’ve got lots more tips & tricks like this in my free Airtable training course:

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