Course Roster form



I organise classes and I am building the base to manage them. I created several tables:
Course catalogue

all those tables are joint in another one called “groups” that is where I create the class that is going to be held on a certain date, by certain instructors and with x students. Sometimes the students are going to be enrolled by me, and everything seems to be ok: if a student is not in the students table already, I can add it.

But I want to be able to send to the instructor a form so that, at the end of the course, he can add:
name, ID card number, if the student passed or not the exam, and the roster scanned.
I don’t want him to see all the fields that I have populated already.

Sometimes the instructor is going to have several classes forms on hold. He has to know which is he fulfilling.

But, if I create a form, it is as if I pretended the instructor to create a whole new group. I don’t know how to send a form of a group that I have created already, so he can add the pending data, and I don’t know how is he going to add the students checking if they are in the Base from a previous class.

I don’t know if I managed to explain well my needs and troubles. :frowning:
Thank you in advance!


Hi Luis

You can’t quite do what you’re looking for at the moment with Airtable forms (they are input only). It would be able to share a form for a particular record with someone but this isn’t possible.

The best I can come up with is this process:

a. First send the (group) record to the person (I am using the example of a Company in a CRM base:

b. Add your message in the Send dialog:

c. This sends an email to the tutor (in your example) with a link to see the record in Airtable (at the bottom of the email):

d. Clicking the link takes the person to Airtable in a browser and opens the particular record in Expanded view:

The downside of this is, of course, that the person would have access to everything else in the base as well!

Maybe someone else has some ideas - and wouldn’t it be great to be able to share an edit form with people!

Hope this helps a little?



Ok. thank you for your answer.
I would like to have more permissions granularity. I could send the form without the more private data in it, but I suppose that the link will be active days after, when I have populated them.
Another option is to send an excel template to the instructor so he have to complete it. But I am going to have to copy and paste the students to the students table
what happens if an student is already there?
Then I have to look for the student from the atendees fielt at the groups table?
What is your opinion?


I have tested, and if I paste an student that is in the table already… It gets duplicated.


Hi Luis

I am not sure I follow this - if I try to add a contact to my Companies table:

Then the contact is NOT duplicated in the Contacts table - but could show as being connected to two or more companies:

In this case John Williamson is linked to companies Abc as well as Williamson and Co.

It would be interesting to see a screen shot of what you mean?



this is what I mean. The ID Alumno is a formula made up with apellidos, nombre and DNI (national identity card number)


Hi Luis

I still don’t really understand what you mean - I can see that the Apellidos field appears to be duplicated but I can’t see why.

Is there a way you could share a link to a copy of your base so that I (and others) could have a look?

(I suggest a copy so that no one messes up the original!)



I deleted some tables and columns to simplify it.
I added an student, and If I copy and paste the columns: apellidos, nombre from an excel spreadsheet with the same student that was added in advance it does not detect the duplicity. I am not sure of how do you need the link to the base in order to work as you need.



I think my lack of Spanish is stopping me understanding the problem here - why would student be pasted in from a spreadsheet?

However, there are no automatic de-duplication features in Airtable although there is a longwinded and slightly complex way to do it with Zapier - searching for a match for a new record and probably using a separate table to initially put the record in - then only creating a new record if a match isn’t found. Of course this will only run when Zapier runs the Zap - every 15 or 5 minutes depending upon your subscription level.

Sorry I can’t be of more help so far!


That’s it! An intermediary table will do the trick! Instructors send me the names of the students at the end of the class and your idea solves the problem. Thank you!


Why do you don’t create a form on the Students table, so the data goes directly to the correct table? You don’t need an extra table, when you share a form, the user does not see any data.

Por cierto, si quieres hablamos en castellano jeje.


Hola Elías! you are right, but: how am I going to be able to know which students are the ones that the instructor has introduced through the form? what happens if a student was in the table already? it seems that will be duplicated.


I think that AirTable simply doesn’t have the deep permissions control that you need. I think the appropiate is to create a form for the Groups table (I would call that table ‘Classes’), so the Instructor could create his class and add the existing students. He should create the missing students in the previuos Students form. The “problem” is that in the search results some fields of the Students are shown, and could be a lack of privacy.

Anyway, I’ve just realized that if you need to have a evaluation of every Student for every Class, you need another table called for example Attendants, with two relations with them. I would create the Class for the Instructor (forgetting the Class form), and then I would let him to create the attendances in that last table with a form. Again, if the Student does not exist, he could create it with the Students form.

How do you know which students have been added? I think the Instructer would be able to link them to the correct Class. If not, you have a previous big problem haha. About the duplicates, I think it is easier the filter duplicates having them in the same table: sort by ID (or even name and surname), group by ID (so you can detect with ones are repeated), and delete what you want.

By the way, the shared links is no longer valid. Could you share it again so I can explore and understand better?

Bueno, he ido haciendo una base para hacer pruebas y te la dejo para que le eches un vistazo si quieres. Pongo esto en castellano porque es el idioma de la base.