COVID-19 Tracking Visualization

I came across a great resource from The Covid Tracking Project

Once I saw they had an API, I decided it was the perfect use case to showcase the power of Airtable - charts, scripts, data grouping, etc.

So, I spent an hour to build this tracking utility from the Tracking project.

Feel free to share:

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Hi, this is a great tool!
I was looking a similar kind of dashboard. Just to update- i am helping my local authorities for building control, measure and health management processes via airtable.

i wanted 2 modifications into this:

1)Can you please help by creating a simple form for officials who can input the figures easily,
2)How can i embed the charts of block ? i dont see any option on embedding ONLY CHARTS

Really look forward,
Thanks in advance,


Hi @Ashish_Tiwari - thanks for the feedback. I’ve just shared the base on the universe here:

Regarding your questions:

  1. No need to enter numbers manually. You can run the script that is in the Code Update dashboard and it will pull in the latest data. Just click the Run button and it takes a minute or two.
  2. Yes, sharing of the blocks is a feature that is in beta with airtable. You’ll need to get Airtable support to enable it for your account.

Good luck!

@openside But this data is of United States, i want to provide this tool to Indian State, so there is a need for changing data, please guide…

ah, i see. You should be able to create a simple form to enter new records (or just enter them directly into the grid).

Here is guide on creating forms: